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Around the world animals are reared for the sake of their skin, milk, meat or wool. Veterinary is that branch of science that deals with study of animals and their related diseases. Animal health is concerned with well being and a healthy bodily state. Animals are been domesticated in every home possible and such animals are referred to as pets. The animals like dog, cats are very loyal to their owners and thus, express their love and affection to the owners through loyalty. Veterinary science helps owners of these animals to monitor transmission of infectious diseases from these pets. Domesticated animals need care and medicine as much as we do. Special hospitals and animal care centers have been setup by governments and non governmental organizations around the globe to help improve the animal conditions.

Website Listings

Abbott Animal Health

Provides information on our pet products for veternarians and pet owners.

American Veterinary Medical Association

Provides information on animal health, news, veterinary medicine, pet care, and careers in veterinary medicine.

Holistic Animal Health

Find news, articles, and opinions on pet care, wellness, exercise, and a variety of diseases.

Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association

Provides membership information, animal related news, links and guidance for pet owners.

Pet Advisor

Offers pet-care help including online videos.

Pet Health and Care

Information for healthy dogs and cats. Includes tips for training, behavior, and more.

Features veterinary information, guides and resources for animal owners.


Provides health care information for dog and cat owners.

Find news, articles, wellness, diet, exercise, and a variety of diseases.

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