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Addiction is when the body or mind badly wants or needs something in order to work right. If one was to look at society today, they would find many addictions that haunt people's every day life. The society thinks as addiction being only to some sort of drug or alcohol. People can be addicted to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, and many other things. An addiction is a chronicle disorder that has genetic, psychosocial, and environmental dimensions when somebody is addicted to something, they can become sick if they do not get the thing they are addicted to. Some people who are addicts need to go to a doctor or hospital to cure the addiction, so they no longer crave for the drug. But taking more of the thing they are addicted to can also hurt their health.

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Addiction Today

Source to find information on addiction treatment facilities and news.

Burning Tree West

A rehab for young adults, offer transitional collegiate programs to help patients achieve a sober, career-focused and healthy lifestyle. More Details

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Mental health and addiction teaching hospital provides direct patient care.

Provides UK accredited drug testing. Hair sample analysis is carried out in order to determine whether there is evidence of drug misuse or long-term alcohol abuse and to monitor treatment.

Offers hosts a unique library of free educational materials about a variety of addiction and substance abuse issues.

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