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Plastic surgery & cosmetic surgery is that reconstructive surgery that is a man made function which is never natural. The two most common forms of Plastic Surgery is reconstruction and cosmetic, where reconstruction is a condition where fixing body parts that have been damaged, while cosmetic surgery is changing size, shape, colour of without fixing any damage. An example of reconstructive plastic surgery is fixing a part of the body that has been burned. An example of cosmetic plastic surgery is a surgery called a "Face-Lift" that is pulling the skin of the face tight so that someone looks much younger than their actual age. Some plastic surgeries can change both. Work can be done on someone's bones, cartilage, muscles, fat, and skin. Reconstructive surgery techniques were being carried out in 2000 BC.

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Provides comprehensive and detailed information about plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery including articles and news.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons provides information on a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures.

Breast Augmentation Chicago-Dr Kotis

A premier, board-certified, breast surgeon located in Chicago. He takes pride in providing beautiful and lasting results for his clients. More Details

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles-Dr Schwartz

When looking for the best plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation, board certification and experience are a must. Dr Michael R. Schwartz is double board certified and is known as one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in Thousand Oaks. More Details

Dr Albert Andres-Andres Plastic Surgery

Dr. Andres of Andres Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, is a board certified plastic surgeon providing exceptional breast augmentation results to residents of Arizona. More Details

Dr Howard Hu-Valencia Plastic Surgery

Looking for a board certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon in Valencia, Santa Clarita, Palmdale or beyond, look no further than Dr. Howard Hu of Valencia Plastic Surgery and committed to helping his patients. More Details

Dr Pablo Prichard-Scottsdale

Serving Scottsdale and Phoenix, Dr Prichard provides some of the best breast augmentation results around and he is a well-respected board-certified plastic surgeon. More Details

Facial Plastic Surgeon Scottsdale-Dr Remus Repta

A board certified plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ. He is extremely well known for his facelift and rhinoplasty results, among the many other procedures he offers. More Details

Facial Plastic Surgeon-Dr Mark Murphy

A double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton. He is well known for his exceptional facelifts, rhinoplasty, BOTOX and more. More Details

Maine Plastic Surgery in Portland ME

As some of the top plastic surgeons in Portland, Maine, our board certified doctors produce amongst the best results in breast augmentations, mommy makeovers, nose surgeries, botox and more. More Details

New York Plastic Surgeon-Maura Reinblatt MD

New York double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Maura Reinblatt, has over a decade of experience producing good results in procedures including breast augmentations, gynecomastia surgery, liposuction, mommy makeovers, tummy tucks and more More Details

Plastic Surgeon Chicago-Dr Otto Placik

A highly esteemed plastic surgeon in the city of Chicago. He is best known for his facelifts, breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, and labiaplasty. More Details

Plastic Surgeon San Francisco-Dr Dino Elyassnia

A board-certified San Francisco plastic surgeon that specializes in an array of plastic surgery procedures. Offers are breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift, tummy tuck and more. More Details

Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta-Dr Sonya Merriman

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sonya Merriman, and staff perform procedures including breast augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts, and more. We are located in Valdosta, GA and service all of its surrounding areas. More Details

Plastic Surgery Miami-Dr Jeremy White

A board certified plastic surgeon in Miami, delivering some of the best liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelifts and more. He has received many honors and awards during his time as a plastic surgeon, and his results speak for themselves. More Details

Remus Repta MD-Scottsdale Tummy Tuck

Delivers quality tummy tuck surgery by Dr Remus Repta in Scottsdale, AZ. In addition, he provides liposuction and other body contouring procedures. More Details

Samuel Mattine

Samuel Mattine is a fully accredited board-certified consultant surgeon with sub-specialist interest in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. More Details

Shriners Hospitals

Provides orthopedic and burn care to children under eighteen.

Online medical instruction in laparoscopic surgery and provides information on the developments in laparoscopic surgery.

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