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Until the 1700's, pregnancy often ended in death for a mother and baby. But in 20th century, medical knowledge developed quickly than ever before and control of infectious disease meant for prominent increased birth rate of children's. The study of growth and development of babies and children and the treatment of disease experienced among the child during their childhood are called pediatrics. Children health is of a great concern to any parent because their prone to infections, suffer minor injuries, unhealthy habits and so on and taking care of their physical, mental and psychological wellbeing is a duty that is mainly dependent parents and doctors. A hygienic environment and a well diet food with equal amount of nutrition can be enough to support his physical and mental development. A thorough understanding of child behavior is required in order to pamper them with their necessities.

Website Listings

Child Health

Provides a comprehensive information on treatments of child ailments.

Child Health Online

Provide effective and informative presentations for early childhood staff and families.

Children With Diabetes

Helps kids with diabetes and their families learn about diabetes, meet people with diabetes, and help others with diabetes.

Delsym Cough

Learn more about Delsym cough syrup. More Details

eCHN electronic Child Health Network

A non-profit organization provides health care information among parents, children and health care.

Healthy Child Healthy World

Nonprofit organization inspiring parents to protect their children from harmful chemicals.

Internet Resources for Special Children

Provide resources for children with disabilities.

Kids Health

Provides health resources for teens, parents and children.


Pertussis is a potentially fatal disease that parents can unknowingly pass on to their babies. More Details


Provides information on health issues for teens.

The Child Health Site

The child health site funds vital health care for children around the world, saving vision and lives by providing children in need with vitamin A and oral rehydration therapy.

Voices Of Meningitis

Source to learn how to protect your kids, every parent and school nurse should know the facts about meningitis prevention, symptoms and treatment. More Details

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