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Hygiene is one such healthy habit and an activity that has to be cultivated within every individual in order to play safe from the bacteria and viruses that affect human body with deadly diseases. Hygiene can be categories into different areas some of them that can be listed are everyday life hygiene, food hygiene, hand hygiene, safe drinking water storage facilities, medical hygiene, respiratory hygiene and personal hygiene .Every individual is responsible for his own cleanliness. Hygiene promotes healthy life and a clean atmosphere to live in. Good hygiene is important in taking care of oneself both externally as well as internally. People often have infections because they don't take good care of themselves physically, which can lead to deteriorated health conditions as well. To avoid problems associating with poor hygiene, one must consider the following key factors like regular dental care, hair care, trimming of nail. Hygiene practices vary considerably.

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Provides health guide and resources on aiding body odor through diet, habits, fitness and wellness.

Online resources, offers grooming routines for healthy skin, hair, teeth, hands, and nails.

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