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It is a type of business activity that crosses international borders or a business across the national borders. International business besides marketing investments abroad, it also includes establishments of subsidiaries and joint ventures. Most of the markets of the international business houses are segmented on the basis of geographical markets. These businesses try to exploit the opportunities outside the domestic companies. International business covers international marketing, management of foreign exchange, management of human resources, management of cultural diversity and management of international production and logistics and procuring international finance. Hence international markets presents than the domestic market and is border or wider in its scope.

Website Listings

Academy of International Business

The leading association of scholars and specialists in the field of international business.

Specializing in interactive virtual trade shows and online events.


Provides scalable Global Trade Management and Compliance solutions that enhance the speed, flexibility, visibility and assurance of global supply chains, including Denied Party Screening, BIS, OFAC and ITAR solutions. More Details

Icelandic American Chamber of Commerce

Provides information about the Icelandic business community and environment.

International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC)

Provide statistics on world cotton production, consumption, trade and stocks.

Trade Port

Provides links and resources for conducting international trade. Includes market research, trade library, and trade tutorials.

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