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It is originated from the Babylonian civilization through the code of Hammurabi dynasty in the year of 2100 B.C followed by Roman's and Greek traders. The first Insurance Company was established in London Lloyd's Coffee's house. Insurance is a scheme of economic co-operation by which members of the community share the unavoidable risks. The risks which can be insured against include fire, the perils of sea, death, accidents and burglary. Insurance can be defined as a legal contract between two parties whereby one party called the “Insurer” who undertakes to pay a fixed amount of money on the happening of a particular event, which may be certain or uncertain. The other party called the “insured” pays in exchange a fixed sum known the “premium”. The document which embodies the contract is called the “policy”. The insurance industry till the 90's had only two nationalized players and they are Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation (GIC). Today there are 12 life insurance and 11 general insurance companies operating in India. Insurance agrees to give full compensation to the insured party against any actual loss or damage involved in business. Traders and businessmen can transfer their risk to the insurance company by entering a contract of insurance.

Website Listings

Armed Forces-Trinity Insurance

Provides comprehensive range of insurance policies, offering military kit insurance for HM Armed Forces personnel. More Details

Car insurance comparison-Tesco Compare

Compare car insurance prices from dozens of brands including Tesco Car Insurance to help you save time comparing motor insurance quotes. More Details

Castle Cover

Provides a wide range of insurance, specialise in home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance and caravan insurance. More Details

Cheap Travel Insurance

Provides holiday insurance to UK residents for holiday, business, ski and long stay travel. Cruise holidays are covered as standard on all policies. More Details

Commercial Insurance-Flint Insurance

Specialising in a range of commercial insurance products as well as fleet insurance and motor trade insurance. More Details

Convicted Driver

Compare specialist insurance companies who provide car insurance for convicted drivers. More Details

Health Insurance Finders

Health insurance research website provides health insurance quotes from affordable medical insurance companies.

Income Protection Insurance-Helpucover

Easy to arrange income protection insurance cover online. Helps to cover your financial outgoings for up to 6 or 12 months in the event of either sickness, accident or unemployment. More Details

Insurance Cheap

Offers online insurance quotes from a wide range of UK based car insurance companies. More Details

Insurance Doctor

Provides car insurance, homeowners insurance, motorcycle insurance, and commercial insurance in Virginia and North Carolina. More Details

Insurance Revolution

Specialise in helping those who have traditionally found it difficult to acquire specialist, motoring insurance. More Details

InsureandGo USA

Travel insurance company providing coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption and emergency medical for US travelers traveling domestic or international. More Details

More Than

Online pet insurance quote, find pet is covered for the full length of its treatment. More Details

Motor Trade Policy-DNA Insurance

Provides a wide range of motor trade insurance policy with different payment schemes, and complete claims management services. More Details

Find information about selling structured settlements and annuities. More Details

A list of companies that purchase or broker the purchase of annuities and structured settlements. More Details

QuoteRack USA-Non-Standard Insurance

Insurance and finance quotes including auto insurance, health insurance, mortgages and loans from QuoteRack USA. More Details


An car insurance comparison service, based in the UK. More Details

State Insurance

Insure everything from your house to your health. Helping kiwis protect the things that matter to them since 1966 and manage over a million policies for more than 400,000 Kiwis. More Details

Travel Insurance-Columbus Direct

Provides annual multi trip travel insurance, single trip, backpacker and ski insurance. More Details

Travel Insurance-Review Centre

Read unbiased consumer reviews of travel insurance, and source to find the best travel insurance policy for your holiday. More Details

UIA Insurance

Mutual insurance company with over 100 years' experience, offers union members with home, travel and car cover. More Details

Utah Car Insurance-Direct Insurance

Utah insurance agency specializing in auto, car, home and business insurance. More Details

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