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Any business driven organization possess certain responsibility towards different sections of the society and their environment and beholding its safety. Any business is expected to strive to maintain healthy environment conditions thereby reducing slums congestions and pollution. They are to maintain ecological balance and adopt anti-pollution measures. Business economy has many duties towards its society like participating in local welfare programmes, adopt villages, construct hospitals, and undertake social forestry. Business organizations must make sure that they dispose the industrial sewage in the proper way in proper manner so that it does not pollute the surrounding environment. Industrial business setup has to be put-up away from the residential locality as it may disturb the other societal elements. Serving the society and its environment is the right way for the company as its offers various positive outcomes. Eco-friendly or environment friendly organizations enjoy enhanced corporate image and are in a better position to charge premium prices and gain brand loyalty.

Website Listings

Ajax Environmental Safety & Supply Inc

Offers environmental safety supplies, equipment rentals, sales, repair, and training.

Dry Sorbent Injection Solutions-Natronx

Provides innovative dry sorbent injection solutions that efficiently reduce air pollution in coal-fired power plants, waste incinerators, industrial boilers and other industries. More Details

Fire Extinguisher Inspections-Pye Barker

Provides commercial fire extinguisher inspections, service & sales. More Details

Offers a collection of safety products, material handling, industrial & lab supplies, safety glasses, and respirators.

Orion Signals

Manufacturer of visual distress signals products including flares and other signaling devices for marine flares, water-sports, road flares, and light sticks.


Help you with putting together a personalized recycling plan. More Details

Distributor of safety products, fire protection products and apparel.

Water Mist Fire Suppression-American Fire Technologies

Offers two types of water mist systems. The first type is a pre-packaged unit that can be used on volumes up to 9,175 cu. ft. The second type can be custom designed for any volume. More Details

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