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Any sort of activity that is done to create wealth is known as industry. Many industries change raw materials into finished products. When most people talk about industry they discuss about the factories assembly lines involved. In any country where most individuals work in manufacturing and service industries is known as industrialized nation. But the situation is vice versa in developing countries. Industrial training is a period of study institutions that an individual has to undergo to obtain a diploma or qualified training certificate to work in the industries not all the individuals are entitled to carry on the jobs in these industries as they required certain qualification as per the concerned industry to handle these technical machineries and their process. Industries are of huge setup of machineries that require the individual to be technically, physically and mentally fit.

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Balance Learning

Provider of online professional training, offers compliance courses and details.


Offers online courses, course details includes all subjects .

Industrial Training Institute-Wikipedia

Provides training in technical field and constituted under Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Union Government of India.

Industry Training Organisations-Tertiary Education Commission

A directory of the 39 registered industry training organisations (ITOs) with links to each ITO's investment manager.

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