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The skill or practice of operating aircraft and aircraft manufacture is called aviation. Aviation includes non-scheduled civil flying both private and commercial. Thus, aviation includes business class flights, air charter, private aviation, hang gliding, ballooning, parachuting air ambulance, crop dusting, traffic reporting, police air patrol etc. The credit for the invention of aircrafts is been given to the Wright brothers. Aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With private air lines accounting for more than 75% of the sector of the domestic aviation market. Earlier air travel was a privilege and only few people could afford, but today air travel has become cheaper and can afforded by large number of travelers. Aviation can be divided in to military aviation, air transport.

Website Listings

Air Combat USA

Offers flight training, adventure flying, learn to fly, FAQ, and links.

American Swiss

Specializes in custom, precision-turned screw machine parts, delivering everything from simple pins to complex multi-operation CNC parts for all industries including medical, electronic and aerospace.


Offers source for new and used aircraft for sale and aviation aircraft dealer information's.

European Business Aviation Association

Located in Europe offers a comprehensive package of benefits and services.

Hot Air Ballooning

Provides information about balloon clubs, rides, how balloons fly, and festivals.

Offers variety of latest aviation routes and airports videos.

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