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Any substances made are employed of chemicals. Chemicals are an interaction by which atom particles are held together in a crystal. Chemical engineer is the one who specializes in the design and operation of chemical industry. A chemical usually involves a process of reaction which changes the structure. The study of these elements their compounds formation and the reaction that they undergo are called as chemistry. There are many techniques of analyzing a mixture to find out what is made up of and the quantity of ingredient it contains of. These techniques are acquainted to check food products, medicines for its purity and side effects testing water and air to know the amount of pollution and examine human blood and urine for signs of deadly disease.

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Arm and Hammer Food Grade Potassium Bicarbonate

Arm & Hammer Flow K is a food grade potassium bicarbonate formulated with a flow aid to assure excellent storage and handling properties. More Details

Chemical Online

Provides resource for professionals in the chemical industry.

Comma Oil

Manufacturer and supplier of chemical & non-chemical products and automotive motor oils.

The Chemical Industries Association

The premier trade and employers association that representing chemical and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the UK.

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