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Electronics is a branch of physics and technology concerned with the behavior and movement of electrons in semiconductors. Electronics is an important area relating to engineering study. The concept of electronics is used for electronic components integrated circuits and electrical systems. The common electronic components include capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors and these components are found to be passive or active in nature. Thus, Circuits and components can be divided into two categories and they are analog and digital. Electricity in modern day plays an important role in every individual's life. The electronics revolution is rapidly changing our world whether we are at home, at school, at office or work or out for a shopping we mostly surrounded by electronic machines and equipments.

Website Listings

Asian Circuits Inc.

Asian Circuits is a reliable mid to high volume electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) and provider of Printed Circuit Board assembly services with surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and mix components. More Details


Offers turnkey, PCB assembly service provider for prototype and low-volume, electronic contract manufacturing. More Details

Ehua Co Ltd

Offers wide range of services of PCB assembly / turnkey assembly, transformer, line filter, choke coil, inductor,metal, rubber, plastic parts, wire harness, cable assembly, and plastic electroplating.

Fast Circuits Inc.

PCB manufacturer specializing in multilayer quick turn printed circuit board fabrication. More Details


Offers products and services for such wide range of ailments and principally for blind.


Offers mobile phones, stereo & audio equipment, navigation units and accessories.

Key Assests

Global business-to-business trading exchange for used, or pre-owned used semiconductor and service providers of semiconductor, wafers, chips, integrated circuits, and flat panel.


Offers a wide range of electrical goods with a variety of products.


Offers electronic and auditable voting systems, identity registration and authentications.

Tweek Geek

Selling home stereo equipment, audiophile accessories, loudspeakers, amplifiers, CD and DVD players and furniture. More Details


Online electronic components store - ERAI & ISO certificated, specializes in obsolete and common-used electronic parts,also focuses on providing cost-effective alternative solutions of electronic parts. More Details

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