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Human relay on the energy stored and locked neither the fuels to drive our machines and equipments in our house or in any of the industries. All energy is either kinetic or potential. Coal, oil, petroleum, diesel, natural gas are called the fossil fuel energy because they are formed underground one million of years from the fossils remains of plants and animals. Around 90% of all the energies utilized or being utilized comes from fossils fuels, which when burnt gives lot of energy, but release polluting gaseous substances which causes environmental pollution and contributes to global warming. The energy that is produced without permanently using the earth's limited resources is called renewable energy. These renewable resources are pollution free as they harness the energy. Thus utility can be referred to the services of production, storage and transmission of gas energy, water energy, electrical energy used up. Due to the increase in the population the earth's fossil's fuel resources are gradually used up and people will have to rely much on the renewable energy resources. These energies and utilities play an important role in routine activities of human kind and henceforth have to be used carefully and save them for future activities.

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Allied Pipe Freezing

Work within the pipeline industry and offer various pipework services including pipe freezing and much more. More Details

APS Energy Services

Provider of innovative energy conservation and renewable energy solutions, offers energy related products and services to the commercial, and residential markets.

BP Global

Provides electricity, petroleum, solar energy, and related services to customers.

Dairy Farm Digesters-Regenis

Offers 100% American made digesters that not only help dairy farms meet high environmental compliance standards, but also use dairy waste to beef up farm revenues. More Details

Matrix Service Company

Offers design, construction, inspection services, fabrication, maintenance and repair services, products throughout the U.S. and Canada.

National Grid

Distributor of natural gas, and specialises in the provision of electricity transmission networks, operates the system across Great Britain.

Pacific Gas and Electric

Provides natural gas and electric service to approximately 4.2 million customers area in Northern and Central California.

Paul Blackwood

Offers repair solving,fitting new bathrooms and kitchens,Landlords safety certificates and Emergency leaks repaired

Serimax FJC

Provider of advanced field joint coating services and systems to both onshore and offshore pipeline contractors. More Details

Solar Panels

Offers Consumer guides, technical instructions, and industry information on photovoltaic products including solar panel kits, solar power systems, solar water heaters, and other products.

TÜV SÜD America Inc.

Offers nationwide inspection services, news, events, reference tools and more.


Provides natural gas transportation to heat homes, petroleum, energy marketing, and generate electricity across the nation.

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