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Preponderance farmers in the country practice subsistence farming and a most popular agricultural practice. In recent times, subsistence agriculture has made way for commercial agriculture largely. In nonprofessionals' sense, sustainable agriculture is nothing about a form of farming that uses techniques that affords protection the human institution, animal life, ensures healthy environment for living organisms, and maintains the soil quality, reduces soil erosion and degradation. The feasible practices of sustainable agriculture include crop sequence and soil amendments where both the practices are proposed to fortify crops and hence necessitate healthy growth. Sustainable agriculture is a science that emphasis on the creation and production of long-term food items and rearing animals without counting on genetically redesigned seeds, synthetic fertilizers, and toxic pesticides. This practice of agriculture does not reduce or modify the value water, soil or any other naturally available resource. Implementing this kind of agriculture promotes to produces health-giving food products without comprising with enhancement, development and maintaining a healthy ecosystem for future generation too. Execution of such agriculture uses and ensures farming techniques that preserves and protects the environment and a critical element of this form of farming is its ability to remain economically viable.

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