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Aquatic life is one among the fascinating elements of nature. Aquatic life is another prepossessing world that is exists inside water. Aquaculture is the culture of specified water organisms that prevail inside water. Aquaculture is a science and art that is concerned in the nurturing, breeding, and harvesting of plants, animals and other life forms in an around aquatic environments such as oceans, ponds, and rivers. Aquaculture incorporates the production of biotechnological commodity, pharmaceutical products, ornamental fish for the marine trade, and growing plant species used in a range of food. Aquaculture is classified into two major kinds including marine aquaculture describes cultivation of species that flourish in the ocean whereas freshwater aquaculture is a process that produce species that are inhabitant to streams and rivers. Aquaculture is a virtuous thought to safeguard the existence of lives of aquatic creatures thereby stabilizing the food chain. Aquaculture serves as an inspiration to preserve living beings exclusively in the water environment. As the demand for seafood has intensified, this technology and the related methods have assisted to improvise and replenish wild stock and restore habitat, and reconstruct populations of threatened and endangered species.

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