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Agroecology is a branch of science and an interdisciplinary framework that is concerned with agriculture and its ecology. Agroecology draws upon the fundamental ecological principle for its conceptual substructure. The branch of agroecology is not corresponding with any one particular method of cultivation. Agroecology is entrusted with continuation of productive agriculture that encourages high yields, while retrench the obstructive environmental and socio-economic influence of modern technologies in the field of agriculture. Agroecologists interpret a wide variety of agroecosystems, whether it is integrated, organic, or conventional. Coupled with the recurrent human health issues, economic conditions, environmental and even social concerns are involved in the sustainability of agroecology. Agro ecology overall refers to sustainable farming with limited use of chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides and there by emphasizes more on nutrients of crops through natural ways of farming. Agroecology integrates the most appropriate of the new agricultural discipline with conservative farming technique. It is not just an agricultural approach but also a way of life that recognizes the farming communities, humankind, water, and the land. It is grounded on concept that agriculture is a venture and is a part of ecology and certainly not damaging the ecological balance.

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