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Agronomy is one of the branches of science looks at agriculture from an unsegregated and holistic stance. Agronomists are scientists' who concerned with plant and soil activities and thereby enhance farm effectiveness and renewability, establish innovative farm applications and mechanization to stimulate crop yields, and safeguard the environment and conserving natural resources. Researchers in the field of agronomy regularly work in teams in association with scientists from other branches including chemistry, pathology, and engineering in order to reduce environmental issues. An agronomist embraces sustainable ways for improvement and preserving the environment. The study of agronomy emphasizes on definite aspects such as how the soil connects with the growing crop, develop the significance to comprehend the properties of the soil, to what degree the environmental factors and climate influence the crop at all stages, how fertilizers necessitate crops necessitate, and when and how to utilize these fertilizers, and how best to limit fungi, weeds, crop pests, and other insects. Even though, the percent of population of the farmers who are actively producing agricultural crops are comparatively less, but the need for agronomists by every segment of society is rapidly increasing.

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