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Horticulture farms are cultivation of gardens, nursery, or orchards, which involves intensive cultivation where their yields are highly perishable. In some countries, horticulture is popularly known as truck farming in view of fact that the ornamental plants, fruits, spices, medicinal plants, flowers, and vegetables are supplied to the markets through large transportation carriers and trucks. These vegetables and fruits are grown far away from the urban set up and industrial plants or centers. There is a heavy demand on day-to-day basis for farm fresh vegetables and fruits in the urbanized platform of developed countries. In horticulture, the farms are developed on the small-scale basis. Most of the work involved in this farm is done based on hand picking by employed laborers. Specialized cultivation of vegetable and fruits are well developed in the industrial districts of countries like Italy, Europe, France, Britain, Germany, Denmark, and Netherlands. Certain governments of the countries have identified horticultural crops as means of diversification of agricultural land through effective utilization of natural resources, efficient land usage, and creating skill employment opportunities. Thus, horticulture has proved to be economically rewarding and leading to intellectual satisfaction.

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