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Animals are living organisms found in nearly the earth's entire habitat, including the depths of the oceans and the freezing Arctic. More than a million and half species of animals have been identified and there are many millions more yet to be discovered. Animals have nervous systems and sensors that enable them to detect what is happening around them and respond appropriately. Man is always referred to a social animal and this actuality itself is an evidence for the proximity to the animal kingdom. Animals are very dutiful, hospitable, and helpful. Right from our childhood, a dog is conceivably the animal that has helped humankind the most. A cat is also familiar animal among the best pets. In some countries, pet animals are considered as a status symbol. Animals just like human beings have emotions and feelings. They exhibit feelings of happiness love, sadness, and even anger in many different ways. Animals have various essential traits that establish them apart from other living beings and are considered for economic activities, scientific explorations, and elegance and survival value. They maintain the ecological cycles of nature and the food chain.

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