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Much of the world's land surface is covered in the decaying matter and as any proportion of the earth's crust in which plants root. Soil is a combination of three types of constituents that covers air, water, and soil particles, which comprises of organic or inorganic materials and minerals. Numerous organisms both unseen and seen pulsate through the soil to build an environment that allocates the living beings with food, and basic building materials for shelter to rest our weary souls. Microorganisms speed up the process of decay, thus making the soil fit for insects, plant roots, worms and other creatures. A soil's average grain size or texture varies with the nature of the bedrock beneath. The three main types according to their texture include clay, loamy and sandy soil. Soil needs to have the right pH value to be fertile to carry on human activities like farming, which also in turn causes soil damage. For some soil is a meaningless simple hard surface on which they walk while others marvel at the wonder of life teaming just under the exterior.

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