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Forestry is the field of science that assigns and researches complex interaction and it is one of the greatest natural resources. Forests are areas of land covered by dense tree cover. The term forestry has association with certain terms like conservation, consumption, creation, and reconstruction. The branch of forestry is generally serves as a multipurpose management that embraces wide range of provisions including home for wildlife, fuel wood, control soil erosion, managing biodiversity, and certain recreational purposes. Foresters are the professionals who are directly related to the forestry department. This field has been sub categorized as protection forestry and it completely focuses on increasing water yields, conserving flora and fauna, furtherance of climatic conditions, and reducing drought and floods. Forestry is combination of constituents like economics, environmental studies, ecology, biology, and public policy to address and tackle a variety of environmental issues and combating global climate change. Governing bodies in forest department are facing immense challenges in protecting the remote forest areas. The study of forestry science educates its students for pursuing a wide range of careers in non-government organizations, public, or the private sector.

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