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Somalia is a country in east of Africa and bordered by countries such as Djibouti, Ethiopia Kenya and lies between latitude 10o 00' N and 49o 00' N. The capital of this country is Mogadishu, their languages are Arabic and Somalia, and the currency used is Somali Shilling. Mogadishu buildings are a mixture of olden Arab art, architecture, and Italian design. The Somalis were organized in clans or loyal families where the elderly members headed the family; later the clan system was destroyed by the government. Bakara market place in Mogadishu, Shanghai old city and the Sinbusi beach in Merca is the major Somalia's tourist Attractions'. The old city of Shanghai is known for its beautiful sceneries. Somalia has some of the longest beaches in the world.

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Company specialized in constructing residential and commercial properties.

Jubba Airways

Providing flights to destinations in Somalia, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia and more.

Telcom Somalia

Largest and leading tele-communications network operator in Somalia.

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