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Namibia is located in the Southern Central Africa. Namibia lies between the latitude 22o 00' S and longitude 17o 00' E. The largest group of population in Namibia is Ovambo. The languages of the people of this country are Afrikaans, English, Kavango and Ovambo. Namibian dollar is their currency. Namibia is the fifth largest producer of uranium. The Rossing uranium mine is the world's largest mine in the Namib Desert and it produces 2,200 tons of uranium every year. Namibia ranks among the top producers of diamond. Food plays a very big part in all cultures and for Namibia, it is no exception. Namibian diet includes maize porridge. Meat is an essential part of their diet. The top tourist's spots in Namibia are Capricci Strip, Skeleton Coast, Spitz Koppe, Swakopmund Cape Cross, and Etosha National park.

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