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Lush tropical vegetation and a palm-fringed sandy coastline dominate the landscape of Gabon. Gabon is one of African's most thinly populated countries but has more than 40 different ethnic groups. The capital city is Libreville, which is growing city and a centre of culture industry and government. About 90 per cent of children attend primary schools. The Gabonese, traditions, poetry, song and story telling is an integral and cultural part of day-to-day life of people of this country. The languages people speak are French and Fang. The country earns 80 per cent of its foreign currency from oil, timber, and uranium and manganese ore.

Website Listings

African Bird Club - Gabon

Guides to birding in Gabon, including information on conservation and birding hotspots.

Mayumba National Park

Network national parks protects nearly 11% of the country

Wikipedia - Gabon

Covers history, government, politics, geography, economy, language and culture of Gabon.

World Travel Guide - Gabon

Travel information with facts on climate, visa, health, passport and customs requirements.

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