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The southwest Botswana is covered by Kalahari Desert, to the North is the marshy delta of Okavango River. Despite this being, a wetland Botswana suffers droughts. The original inhabitants of Botswana are the nomadic people known as Kalahari Bushmen. The main languages of this place are English, Tswana, Shona, Khoikhoi and Ndebele. The currency used is Pula. The Tswana people, who make up the majority of the population earn their living mostly by subsistence farming, raising cattle and growing enough maize sorghum and millet. Fresh vegetables are very rare. The diamond reserves have helped to stimulate the economy. The Okavango River is considered haven for wildlife.

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Abu Camp

Providing wide range of information on stay at abu campabout along with features on elephants, photo gallery and more.

Alexander von Rudloff

Offering information on the novelist, scriptwriter and artist who deals with concepts of sexual abuse and revenge.

Audi Safaris

Situated at the edge of Okavango Delta 12Km from Maun, offering camping, tented accommodation and en suite tents.


Leading research and technology organisation established by Botswana Government in 1979, providing details of projects, services, news, events, alliances, vacancies, tenders, contacts and more.

Collins Newman

Established in 1977, law firm committed to serve clients in smart, innovative and effective ways.

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