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Cameroon lies on the West coast of Africa. The country was once a colony divided between the French and the British, where these two parts gained indepence and later united. By exporting oil, bauxite and a range of natural products like cocoa, coffee, and rubber, Cameroon has the most successful economies in Africa. The country has a diverse culture with more than 230 ethnic groups. French, English, Fang, Duala, and Fulani are languages spoken by the people. The leading amateur sports Football of Cameroon are widely enjoyed. This football team was acclaimed as one of the best team in this place after displaying their skills in World Cup 1990.

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Halle Law

Founded in 1986 by Barrister Nico Halle, providing details of legal services and practice areas including maritime law.

Red Cross Red Crescent

Providing information about the activities of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies.

World Travel Guide-Cameroon

Source for latest information on Cameroon maps, photos, weather, places to visit, events, shopping, nightlife, attractions, hotels, restaurants and more.

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