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Chad a central African country accounts to an area of 1,284,000 sq. Km and population of 81, 00,000. Nearly half of the land of Chad is desert or lies in the Sahel, where places received erratic rainfall. Camels are the only means of transport to cross the vast Sahara Desert. These camels are also used to transport forest products and minerals from Lake Chad. Herder's are valued for their milk, meat, and hides. The nomadic groups include Kanimbo related to the Arabs and Berbers of North Africa and the languages spoken in Chad are French Arabic and Sara. Chad's capital is N'Djamena and the country's currency is CFA Franc.

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Chad-African Bird Club

Features a summary of Chad and information on birding including hotspots, geography, species, conservation and visiting.

Men Basketball-Chadian

Provides news and information on men and womens basketball in Chad.

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