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Burkina is one of the West Africa's over populated country. The capital city of Burkina is Ouagadougou. Much of the area of Burkina is dominated in the arid Sahel region and is threatened by the slow invading Sahara that expands towards South. For millions of people in this area life is a perpetual struggle against a hostile climate, political instability and the threat of drought. Burkina's main export is gold and has deposits of silver and manganese ore. Lack of work has forced many young people to leave to abroad countries in search of work. The main languages are French, Mande, Mossi, Fulani, Lobi and Bobo. The authorized currency is CFA Franc.

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AFDB - Burkina Faso

Presents an economic profile of Burkina Faso. Bank aimed at helping the country with sustainable development and poverty reduction efforts.

Burkina Faso-WTO

Burkina Faso has been a member of WTO since 3 June 1995, which gathers key information on Burkina Faso

Lonely Planet-Burkina Faso

Provides introduction to the country with information on getting there, information includes facts, maps, history, culture, transport, weather of Burkina Faso and more.

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