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In all societies throughout the history people have felt the need for their own religion. A religion may be defined as a set of beliefs that relies on spiritual faith in its followers. Almost every religion have god or gods that these religions provide answers to questions such as how the world has created and what happens after death. Every religion has a magnificent rituals that act as a way of communicating with gods with devotion and marking major events in an individual life. There are 6 major organized world religions - CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, JAINISM & SIKHISM and many other sub religions .For many individuals religion provides moral guidance a sense that life has a meaning & feeling of value shared in a community. All religions involves rituals and an important purpose of these ceremonies is to communicate with gods. Reading sacred books, meditating are found in different religions to bring the faith of followers into closer contact with the world of the spirits. In many religions believes that giving offering including human sacrifices. Finally religions usually involve an ethical code, a set of rules that believers try to live by. Yet in some places, religions conflict has lead to war.

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Offers daily inspiration with news & articles on faith, religion, faith, belief, and community and more.

Bonpounou Gospel and Christian Resources

A christian website offers a variety of gospel songs to nourish the soul and learn about the word of God and to view news, videos and much more. More Details

Offers authentic psychic readings with amazing accuracy through phone, email, chat or via live webcam.

Offers psychic readings by telephone and email.The Circle of Professional Clairvoyants offers psychic readings from professional psychics by telephone and email.


This article is about monotheistic religion based on the life and explaining of Jesus of Nazareth as presented in the new testament.


Article examines a wide range of topics and Etymology and meaning to Islam and more.

Worlds Last Chance

Online Biblical Christian Community offering Bible studies, articles, videos, & more with a special focus on end time Bible prophecy. More Details

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