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Immigration is the movement of people across countries. These are tracks of records as to how people have moved throughout history. Immigration is the introduction of people into habitat & population. The word immigration has been derived from the Latin word “immigrant” which means “to go into “. Migration to a place especially means immigration to a country of which you are not a native of that particular country but due to certain reasons, individuals settle there. Immigration to a certain country is not an easy task as it lays certain rules & regulations that are meant to be followed by the immigrant without any violation of ruler. Immigration is the human form of violation. Thus, immigration is the voluntary movement of people from one country to another usually with the aim of a permanent settlement in the adopted country. If humans are flying from their country because of an immediate threat to their health then they are considered refugees because they seek refuge in other country. Immigration is as old as the first human group.

Website Listings

American Immigration LLC

Offers immigration resources such as find lawyers, chat, discussion board, news and more.

Canreach Immigration Inc.

Canreach Immigration was established in Canada in 1998 with the primary objective of providing Canadian immigration consultancy services for immigrants from all corners of the globe.

CIC News

Provides a free newsletter with articles, news, information and developments about immigration to Canada.

Immigration Issues from

Provides links and recourse about immigration rule, strategy, policy, social and ethical issues.

UK Visas

Leading Immigration Authority provides legal assistance for UK visas and assists in a wide range of UK immigration services to individuals and corporate clients. More Details


Provides services for all immigration categories like business immigration, study visas, work visas and others for people seeking to move to Canada.

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