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Libraries are considered as an essential part of modern knowledge society. Library is a social institution entrusted with the responsibility of collecting, organizing, preserving and disseminating knowledge. Libraries in general and public libraries in particular have a very important part to play in future development of the social, cultural and educational life of society. Libraries provide information about health, agriculture, education and assist society in their communities' improvement. The library systems provide information support for spread of literacy which is required for ongoing literacy programmes. Government must take an initiative to build. Libraries good must ensure that they posses quality books of authors. Reading books makes individual know anything and everything under the sun. Every individual must develop the habit of reading so that, it makes him feel that something is missing if he lets a day pass without reading. All libraries including public libraries have been held as treasures of human knowledge and preserve the social and cultural heritage for future generations. Thus, libraries are important treasure houses of information and knowledge.

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Institute of Museum and Library Services

Supporting museums and libraries of all types like news, events, reviews and more.

National Library of New Zealand

Located in Wellington provides information referring to the library.

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