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Politics is the organization of a political debate in every country. The debate can be both formal or informal. Different political benefits play a major role in determining how a country is governed. There are almost as many types of government as there are countries in the world. The 3 main types of governments namely REPUBLICAN,MONARCHICAL DICTATORIAL. Most countries in the world are republics that IS where electors vote for their head of state as well as for their government. In a monarchy, the head of the royal family is head of the state and is succeeded by his or her closest relative in hereditary succession. Many countries in the world have at time or another been ruled by dictators, that is single ruler with all absolute powers. Most dictators gain powers either through a military take over or by seizing leadership from women & children or any old individual will be considered as people. The body of citizens of a state or country may be relatively separated as people of a particular nation. People may be considered as those who are the living human inhabitants of early earth. The lifestyles of people have been increasingly changed due to the growing technologies, luxuries changing environment their varying tastes and preferences . People may be of different in height, weight, their body structure, skin complexion. Some people may vary from others with their inner emotions their characteristics. Different people see the world from different perspectives. In our society, there will always be misunderstandings between people and those people's reactions will differ.

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Provides online resources of politics and seeks to improve civic education and civic participation through research, analysis, and educational programs.

Parties and Elections in Europe

Provides a comprehensive database about the parliamentary elections in the European countries.

Offers electronic voting systems, identity management solutions, unified security platform (USP) and technology consulting worldwide.

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