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Disability is a functional limitation or restriction of an individual's ability to perform an activity. A disability becomes a “handilap” may be because of his environmental or attitudinal barrier's that wind the opportunity for a person to participate fully. Disabilities are defined and interpreted differently in the existing societies.

Website Listings

BBC Ouch!

Offers future plans, policies, standards, profiles of channels, and information about community news, message boards, articles, working with or for the BBC.

Disability Doc

Gives information for social security disability applicants, attorneys, claimant representatives. Offers articles, links, as well as downloads like social security directories.

Offers disabled product reviews and support. Includes holiday accommodation, forums, articles, blogs and chat.


Online community site for people with disabilities that features chat, news, advertisements and other resources.

Offers help and idea on issues such as employment, health, money, equipment, computing, employment, discounts for online shopping and the community.

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