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Community as the concept it self suggests it is the boundary that bonds human with certain rules & regulations that helps to carry on the day to day activities without any commotion and violence. In a community, human activities are controlled on the basis of law, the written regulations. Since, prehistory in every culture, human have organized themselves into groups or communities and have established “rules” of living. A society is the name we give to the customs and organization of such a community. If community exists, both freedom and security may exists as well. The community then takes on a life of its own, as people become free enough to share their opinions and feel secure enough to get along. A number of ways to categorize types of community have been proposed. They are Geographic communities, Communities of culture, and community organization. Community development is often linked with community work or community planning that is formally conducted by non governmental organizations. Universities or government agencies to progress the social well being of local regional and sometimes national communities. Thus community is where the individual inhabit a common environment and interacting with one another.

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Chris Havlicek Community

Learn more about Chris Havlicek's life of philanthropy after basketball. He assists numerous Florida charities in their fundraising efforts and is always looking for new opportunities to give back to the Florida community. More Details

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