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Literature is a work of art in writing. It is a writing that carries strong & lasting value through beauty or emotion power. Literature offers the readers important insights into the nature of human feelings and desires. The oldest form of literature is oral poetry which was handed down by word of mouth & only later put into writings. Other forms include plays, novels & short stories. Letters, journalist's, speeches & dairies can also be treated as literature, if they are especially well written .Literature expresses the writer's thoughts, hopes & fears, but not everything that is written is literature. Many books do not try to explore deep truth about life but satisfy the readers desire to escape reality into a world of high adventure , fantasy, horror or romance, writings becomes a artistic literature only if it is well written and of lasting interest to people of many societies & different generations .Writers sometimes try to use literature to change the world in which they reside by protesting against the injustice and influencing the opinions of people or the government. Thus the writers use their work to explore the themes that concern them and their readers .They can be explored through high spirited comedy or bleak tragedy .Its often said that writers pick up themes subjects or styles from other writers and develop them further.

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Features book reviews, awards, stores, events, news, reading lists, and author and publisher information.

Provides study guides, book summaries, book notes literature profiles, metaphor and theme analysis, and author biographies for classic and contemporary works.

Offers study guides, discussion forums in various academic subjects. Includes brief analyses of characters, themes and plots.

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