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The term video is derived from the Latin word “videre” which means to see storage of formats for moving pictures. All the excitement of sports event or ay happy memories or occasion's of birthday parties, marriages, naming ceremonies can be captured using video. Video is the recording and playing back of television signals. Video recording brings us coverage of live news from around the world instantly. Video cameras in small shops, malls, banks helps to determined or safeguard themselves. These pictures recorded in these video cameras can be produced in the court in order to identify the criminals. Most towns have shops where people can rent or buy video cassesstes or digital video discs. DVD's have superb image quality that does not fade. Quality of video essentially depends on the method of capturing and storage and can be recorded and transmitted in various physical media formats. Due to technological standardization images, video and interactive features from unique perspective have been made available on online with best choice and wide range and branded companies.

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AOL Video

Offers video on-demand channels and search all videos across the Web.

Best Video

Online sales and rent of over 100,000 DVD movies, VHS, CDs, laser discs and more.

Offers DVD video movies for sale and rent.

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