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With the passage of time, many terminologies have developed and changed that were called differently years back. One of such term is real estate. Real estate is a legal term in many countries of the world. Real Estate may be referred to as any development made on a piece of land whether it is Residential, Commercial, Amusement Park or even a water body. This is visible and useful in nature, is termed as Real Estate. Real estate is an immovable property. This term normally refers to a piece of land that holds some fixed property on it for example a building. Real estate is one of the widely and commonly practiced businesses all over the world. Under the real estate there are two categories, commercial real estate and residential real estate. . The commercial real estate includes the property that is held and used for commercial purposes such as shops, malls, offices etc. Similarly, a residential real estate is one which is held and used for residential purposes; they can be houses, apartment buildings, condominium etc. The real estate business has flourished greatly over the years and many people have benefited from it.

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Provides online resource of property information for land developers, real estate professionals, buyers and sellers.

Source to find homes for sale or rent across U.S, real estate links, and home financing.

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Based in UK, search residential and business properties, land, homes for rent or sale.

Real estate developers association of Singapore, offers Singapore real estate-related information, links to property developers, government agencies, and industry events,

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