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Since ancient times people have taken part in sports either for recreation or for the thrill of competition. Today, there is an impressive range of sports to choose from including activities as diverse athletics', archery and horse riding. Sports can be enjoyed for their own sake, as leisure or health pursuits or at a competitive level. Sports are an important part of our planet. Sports are played for fun or money or some times for both. Sports require sports persons to be capable and alert both physically and mentally. Recreation is the process or means of refreshing or entertaining oneself or pleasurable activity. Recreation on other hand is important for promoting quality of life by enhancing satisfaction, enjoyment, pleasure, self-esteem and confidence. Recreation is a past time or sport or an activity taken up after heavy work or strenuous activity. Recreation is essential to build and sustain health communities. It includes playing games, reading, books, watching movie, go hiking, go swimming, lie on the couch, walk on the beach, and walk around down town. Thus, sports and recreation involve lots of physical activities to improve one's life style.

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Offers binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision, spotting scopes and rangefinders for hunting, telescopes and more. Sports and Recreation

Offering articles, resources, and information.

Source to find sports education program including sports management, marketing, administration, and business programs. Also includes information on colleges or universities.

Pickup Game

Helps sports and game players to find each other in their area.

Pro Sports Official Team Sites

Comprehensive listing of sports web sites, teams, leagues, and player profiles.


Comprehensive online international sporting events database, provide the latest event information on sports.

Sports Shoes

UK based shop since 1985, offers a wide range of all branded shoes, running shoes, football boots, clothing and training. More Details

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