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Music is referred to as the “effect of emotions”. It can make people dance or cry or make any burdening or repetitive work or task easier to bear. Music is made from sounds called notes organized into patterns of melody, rhythm and harmony. The basis of any song is its tune or melody which consists of a series of single notes. Melody is important in the traditional music of Asia, such as the elegant sounds of Japanese woodwind and string players. The sound produced by playing two or more notes simultaneously is called as ‘harmony”. While, rhythm of a piece of music determined by how the composer has grouped beats together by the length of each note, and how these are accented. Modern technology has improved so much that, there is music classes conducted online, and these musical instruments are also available online for purchase. These online retailers sell these instruments for least quoted prices and offer best discount rates. Music was an important part of the culture of the ancient Middle East. Romantic music was largely created by composers from Germany and Austria.

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UK music retailer specializing in studio & studio recording equipment, drums & drum kits, and microphones. Includes news, videos, and gallery.

The Music Business Registry

Offers music industry directories and listing information on many different companies.


Online music store, offers brass, woodwinds, percussion, keyboards and accessories.

Yamaha Corporation of America

Musical instrument manufacturers like audio/visual products, semiconductors, drums, recorders and more.

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