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The first flowering plants appeared about 120 million years ago. They are known as the largest group of plants that are widespread. Flowers are the advanced reproductive structures of plants. The majority of flowers are pollinated by wind, insects or by animals. The transition to flowering is one of the major phase changes that a plant makes during its life cycle. The colour and scent of the flowers attract insects or other animals. The four main parts of a flower are generally defined by their positions on the receptacle and not by their function. Many flowers lack some parts or parts may be modified into other functions or look like what is typically another part. Ordering flowers online is easy and fast. One can Order Flowers Online, Send flowers online, buy flowers online. An online florist offers world wide delivery. They enable the customers choose from their wide variety of collections. The online florists provides for cute, modern, stylish designs and exotic fresh flower arrangement that won't break your budget flowers. These online florists enable same day, guaranteed delivery and a fine discount rate.

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Cicek.Com-Çiçek Gönder & Çiçek Siparisi

The online flower shop with a large variety of flowers through a fast and reliable sales and services. More Details


Provides flowers, gifts, hand bouquets, valentine's day roses, orchids plants, fruits basket and Mother's day carnations.


Offers variety of trees such as native trees, olive trees, bay trees, citrus trees, fruit trees, and more.

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