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An object having special value because of its age, for example a domestic item or piece of furniture or handicraft which esteemed for its artistry, beauty, or period of origin is related to as antiques, while collectibles can be referred to as things considered to be worth collecting, not necessarily valuable or antique. Antique is a belonging to ancient times, especially of, characteristic of ancient Greeks or Romans. The term has been used collectively to designate classical Greek and Roman works of art, particularly sculptures; as an adjective to indicate an object, a period, or a style of ancient. Some valuable antiques can be bought from antique dealers and auction services or purchased online through websites and online auctions. Collectible typically a manufactured item designed for people to collect. The subjects of collections may include natural objects such as butterflies, and objects manufactured like stamps. The earliest collectibles were included as incentives with other products, such as cigarette cards in package of cigarettes.

Website Listings

Creation Entertainment

Gives information about events, media, shop and merchandise from various TV shows.

David Lawrence

Specializing in buying, selling, auctioning, and consigning certified rare coins and currency.

Offers online shopping and auctions for collectibles, estate merchandise, and reproductions with various category.

Golden Eagle Coins

Provides uncirculated Silver Eagle coins and proof sets.


Online service to help people catalog their books easily, and display new books and featured books.

Littleton Coin Company

Offers appraisals of US and foreign coins, stamps, old postcards and old paper money.

The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co.

Produces an elegant and varied range of antique and vintage, classic and traditional, interior designer table lamps.

Antique dealers, magazines, newsletters about antiques and collectibles, and more.

Travers Antiques

Provides an eclectic mix of Antique, Art Deco, Mid Century Modern and Vintage industrial furniture, lighting and decorative objects.


Offering a wide selection of collectibles, antiques, antique jewelry and diamonds, military decorations and medals, as well as works of art, coins and stamps worldwide.

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