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Technical support is providing services and monitoring the specific problems encountered with mobile phones, computers, and television other electronic gadgets. A technician is an expert who can provide solution to the specific matter of issues. Most companies offer technical support during the sale of their company product, either freely available for certain period of after sometime charge an amount as fee. These services may be offer 24 hours. Larger organizations frequently have internal technical support available to their staff for computer related problems. The internet is also referred to as a good source where experienced users may provide with advice and assistance for problems encountered. Technical support may be delivered by different technologies depending on the situation and the type of problem via a telephone, SMS and E-mail.

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Provides assistance in installing, using and trouble shooting software & hardware.


Provides tips and guides for PC solutions including operating systems issues, data recovery, and viruses.

Flashback Data

Texas-based data recovery company and digital forensics experts. More Details

Geeks To Go

Provides technical support forum, blog and computer related questions.

Help Site

Provides computer related tutorials, guides, help resources.

Provides technical support for computer related problems.

Offers a wide variety of tips, guides, resources for repairing and servicing laptops and notebook computers.


Provides self-help, technical support, forums, tips and tricks.

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