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Computer science is an advanced study in many fields of study such as electronics and mathematical and has contributed towards the development of electronic computer. Today, not only is computer an established area of scientific study but also an own working area. Computers are essential tools for nearly every scientists of the world. An individual good at computer science can lead to careers in software engineering, laboratory research and development, and system administration. Common tasks of a computer scientist include designing and implementing software, creating new options for users of computers, developing solutions to computer problems, and planning and managing technological infrastructures. The ability of a computer scientist is to adapt themselves to the new evolving technologies that is more crucial in its working.

Website Listings

Computer science-Wikipedia

Computer science or computing science (abbreviated CS or CompSci) designates the scientific and mathematical approach in computing.

HCI Bibliography

Features abstracted validated bibliographic entries, along with a variety of reference materials.

MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

Provides basic research in computer science, publications, news and events.

Online Computer Science Degree

Source to find online computer science programs offered by schools in the U.S.

Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

Offers the Swiss research community with computing resources and scientific services.

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