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Robots play an ever increasing role in our world of technologies. Many people tend to assume robots like human creations portrayed fiction oriented movies. Robots are muted or speechless, automatic machine with brains made of electronics that are programmed specifically to carry out tasks. Mostly robots are made use of in heavy industrial set up, especially to handle radioactive materials. Car industry is a major industry that is an increased user of robots for welding Car components as it carry's out the tasks quickly and accurately. Robots are used in dangerous and difficult situations to carry out tasks that individuals usually feel risky and try avoiding them. Thus, research is being conducted into robotics for development of more of development versatile and user friendly robots.

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Driver Robot

Worlds largest driver database, gives guaranteed to identify the right driver for your system.


Provides tips, news, links and guides on building robots and designs.

Robotics Trends

Provides latest news, opinion, reviews on robotics technology.

Robots and Computers

Offers personal collection, books, owner manuals, games, remote controls and more.

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