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Computer programming and development were emerged with the objective of facilitating a large number of individuals to use computers without the need to know in detail the internal structure of the computer. Programming and development is the procedure of debugging or troubleshooting, writing, testing, and maintaining the existing source code of computer programs. During the evolution of computers, till about 1955, computers were slow, and had a small memory. Thus programming efficiency was very important and assembly languages were dominant. Programming and development services are designed to meet various business needs of global clients. Programming and development is a discipline of software development based on values of simplicity, communication, feedback, and courage. The purpose of programming and development is to create a program that exhibits an expected and desired behavior, and to allow developed application programs to be run on a variety of computers.

Website Listings

Aussie Host

Offers Linux and windows server hosting facilities with domain name web hosting and cheap web site hosting in Australia by AussieHost.

Microsoft Developer Network

Provides sample source code & examples, magazines, libraries, developer centers, downloads, and other resources.

Programmers Heaven

Resources for programmers in various plat forms like C, C++, C#, .Net, and more. Featuring forums, blogs, jobs and more.

WPF Chart-Scichart

SciChart is the leading company in WPF 3D Charts and Fast WPF Charts and is now available on iOS and Android. SciChart can help you create fast WPF Charts by offering you something that every developer is looking for and that's WPF charts controls. More Details

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