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Satellite is often referred to as “messengers and observers” in the sky. They carry out tasks that are usually impossible on the ground such as guiding the ships in the sea, relay telephone calls; they forecast and watch the weather reports. They travel 30-40 times speeder or greater than airliner. Once upon a time satellite were used just for spying and detecting the launch of deadly nuclear missiles, but as of today's scenario different types of satellites are made available like communication, astronomical, weather and observation satellites. In the era of growing technology, satellites are used for more peaceful purpose. A satellite's speed prevents it from falling back to the earth and throws upwards.

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High Speed Internet Access Guide

A helpful guide for locating Internet access providers, including dial up, DSL, cable, satellite and wireless service.

Sat Beams

Gives information about worldwide satellite locations, news, links and feed information, available in a wide variety of languages.


Offers transponder & broadcasting news, programming schedules, links and message board.

Gives satellite TV industry news, guides and information.

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