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The ability of any computer to think on its own without pre-programming is called Artificial Intelligence [AI]. The strategic aim of aim of artificial intelligence is to develop machines that can think, memorize and interact with humans without having to be pre-programmed. Some computers can before hand access their own performance and work out ways towards their improvement. Many individuals believe that computers are faster than human brain, but can never be truly intelligent because they are made to work through certain feed instructions. The artificial intelligence has two programmes namely the neural networks and speech synthesizers, where circuits work in a similar fashion to the nerves of human brain. While in speech synthesizers, recognize spoken words or produce speech from text typed.

Website Listings

A.I. Link

Provides links, articles, and discussion of robotics and general artificial intelligence.

Ai Research

Leading artificial intelligence research, develops conversational software, technology that enables machines to converse with humans in natural language.

AI Statistics

Gathering of researchers at the intersection of computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and related areas.

Artificial Brains

Articles on artificially intelligent hardware, organized to give topical overviews and follows the scientific and technological progress.

Artificial Intelligence Depot

Offering articles, news, and other features about the field of AI.

Artificial Intelligence-Foundations of Computational Agents

Online learning resources for many of the AI related topics, algorithm demos including applets demonstrating robot localization, decision theoretic planning and more.

Provides articles, news, information and resources on artificial intelligence, physics and neuroscience research.

Neuron AI Directory

Source to find websites about AI or related areas, expert systems, and neural nets.


Structurely AI Assistant, Conversational artificial intelligence refers to technologies, like chatbots or virtual agents, which users can talk to. Conversational AI combines natural language processing with machine learning. More Details

System Devices

System Devices UK Ltd have been in the business of providing automation systems and equipment to their customers for nearly 40 years. More Details

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