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“Running" is primarily defined physically and by what occurs with your body and feet in the process. Running is a sport known to be good for health; it not only helps to increase breathing and heartbeat rate but it is also termed as good exercise because it burns any spare calories. The term running can refer to any of a variety of speeds ranging from jogging to sprinting. Running is also fun and does not need special equipment to do it. When running, the muscles, lungs, brain, heart and other organs get better. From wanting to lose weight to trying to fight disease and aging, there are lots of health benefits to running. Running injuries are quite common among runners. Many running injuries can be reduced through proper training, wearing of the correct gear and awareness of the running environment. The different types of running event include track running, road running, cross country running, trail running, fell running, relay race, recreational running, talus running (running across the rock debris at the bottom of mountains), and running can also be classified by distance.

Website Listings

American Running Association

A nonprofit organization provides news, photos, events, useful suggestions and resources.

Cool Running

Resource for runners with training advice, global race and results, running log, community, discussion forums, and running news.

Runners World

Offers running news, tips, information, advice for runners and equipment reviews,

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