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Paintball is an exciting sport that is fast paced and action packed. It also does not require extensive training and has no barriers for gender, strength, or age. Paintball is the only sport in which size does not matter, for all of you who are physically challenged. The paintballs are marble sized spherical containers that hold paint and have a hard shell to enable the gun to launch it long distances. It is an egg with a hard shell and goey interior. The guns are typically guns with a barrel to launch the paintball, a trigger to activate the launch procedure, a reservoirs to hold extra paintballs, and some type of pressurized gas to provide propulsion. Paintball is most often played on a playing field out in the open. Each player gets an air gun and two teams are typically divided. Usually the teams play the childhood game of capture the flag. Each of the teams with different colored arm bands goes into the forest and tries to find the other team's flag. The object of the game is to capture the other teams flag and bring it back to your base and touch it to your flag in a given time period of time without getting eliminated. Getting eliminated is defined by being hit with a paintball and having it break (splat) on you. Referees will eliminate the one being hit by the paintball that's been splat.

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