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The term martial arts refers to the “art of warfare”, martial arts is the various systems of training for combat that have been arranged or systematized. In fact, the word ‘martial' was derived from the name Mars, who was the Roman god of war. Ancient peoples of all types engaged in fighting, war, and hunting. Thus, each and every civilization subscribed to a version of martial arts. Martial arts all have a very similar objective: defend oneself or others from physical threat. Generally, martial arts can be broken down into five distinct categories: Stand-up or striking styles, grappling styles, low impact styles, weapons based styles and MMA (A Hybrid Sports Style). Martial arts concentrate on the use of one's hands or making throws to render an opponent useless. Martial arts vary widely, and may focus on a specific area or combination of areas. There are many people that have contributed to the martial arts in significant ways. Bruce Lee is credited as one of the first instructors to openly teach Chinese martial arts to Westerners. Jackie Chan and Jet Li are prominent movie figures who have been responsible for promoting Chinese martial arts in recent years.

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